======={{{ LINK DUMP }}}========

Recommended programs to be able to access all
links in this dump:
* Gopher client
* WWW browser (Most links shouldn't require more than Lynx)
* TOR daemon
* Texinfo viewer
* EPUB viewer
   * If on UXP Firefox, I recommend 
     caa:addon/epubreader - https://www.epubread.com/
* PDF/PS viewer
* BitTorrent client


Boyd Bushman a senior research scientist for Lockheed Martin said he
instructed his teams to look for the exceptions to the rule. He was not
interested in what was already known. The things that don't make sense are
what we learn from. Ignore the people who laugh and make fun of you.
Pursue your ideas and don't let anyone stop you.

Invention is not the product of logical thought, even though the final
product is tied to a logical structure. -- Albert Einstein.

---[ WEBLOGS ]---
EldritchData (Tech, Survivalism, DIY, Library, and More!)
Kyoko Project (Tech)
Marinara Chimaera (Tech)
Nuegia (Tech, Society)
Qorg11 (Tech, Society, Drugs, Existentialism)
Shokara (Tech)
SpiteMIM (Tech, Vidya)
UnMush (Society)

---[ WIKIS ]---
InstallGentoo Wiki (Tech)
Shadow Wiki (Tech)

------[[[ TECH ]]]------

Starting FORTH
Gforth Manual
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (Texinfo format)

---[ NETWORKING ]---
Hansteen, Peter N. M - The book of pf: a no-nonsense guide to the openbsd firewall (2014) [9781593276218,1593276214].epub
Michael Lucas - Relayd and Httpd Mastery (0) [978-1642350081].epub
Nuegia: Why I don't use Matrix
Hackea: Matrix? No, thanks.
Balisage: XML is not fatter than JSON
eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol
Protocol for SYnchronous Conferencing
PSYC: Technical Problems with XMPP
PSYC: Fixing IRC
PSYC: libpsyc Performance Benchmarks ("[...]PSYC data format outpaces its rivals in all circumstances. Extremely so when delivering binary data[...]")

Bitreich: Big Browser is Watching You
Eric S. Raymond: HTML Hell
ology.org: Composing Good HTML
ISO/IEC 15445:2000 (ISO-HTML) Specification
RFC 1866 (HTML 2.0)
RFC 2854 (HTML 4.01/XHTML 1.1)
Richard H. Hall: Web Design Commentary
Tim Berners-Lee: W3C's Style Guide for online hypertext
W3C: Summary of HTTP 0.9
W3C: The Original HTTP as defined in 1991 (HTTP 0.9)
W3C: Graceful degradation versus progressive enhancement

RONJA -- Hand-buildable optoelectronic wireless link device
Optar -- Store data in images/paper (200kB on an A4 page)
Collapse OS
6502.org: Homebuilt Projects
Mitsuru Yamada's microcomputer projects

Archival-grade paper

------[[[ ARCHITECTURE ]]]------
Mike Oehler, Chris Royer - The Fifty Dollar and Up Underground House Book (1981) [0442273118,9780442273118].pdf
Woodstead cabin build
Wofati design by Paul Wheaton

------[[[ PSYCHE ]]]-------
Win Wenger; Richard Poe - The Einstein Factor: A Proven New Method for Increasing Your Intelligence (1995) [076150186X,9780761501862].epub